After hours. Almost.

Once we get back from court, finish the last meeting with the client that day, and make the last call… we can finally call it a day. Almost. There are two types of legal professionals: those who say they follow the legal profession, and those who simply say “I am a lawyer.”

We belong to the latter.

Our interest in law does not abandon us with the end of the working day. And It’s not only about professional development – we spot legal issues in the news, pop culture, sports, or art. We perceive law as a force that permeates every sphere of life, much like the Force from “Star Wars.”

And then there are those cases that you cannot stop thinking about after work, or even after they are legally over. That’s why we decided to create a place where we share information, anecdotes, stories, advice, or simply interesting facts related to the law. This way you will have an unusual opportunity to catch a glimpse of what Your Lawyer does after hours. Almost.

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