• Maciej Sawiński


My name is Maciej Sawinski and I am an advocate. I help clients primarily by representing them in courts. As a teenager, I used to love American movies and series about lawyers. It was under their influence I decided to study law.  I can write you a contract, offer you advice or draft an opinion, but I became a lawyer precisely to appear in court.  I’ve known for a long time that our judicial reality doesn’t look like the one in TV series. I have traveled the courts from south to north and from east to west. However, if I had to choose again – I would choose the same path I did 20 years ago. There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of winning. The clients’ relief and their joy over the won case is my reward and fuel for action. Over the last few years, I have mainly acted in trials as a defense attorney for entrepreneurs and company board members in business criminal cases as well as an attorney for entrepreneurs and companies in business civil cases. I am a long-distance runner. This sport fits my work best. The moment you decide to participate in a marathon, you know it won’t be easy – there are no shortcuts and the key to success is discipline and preparation. When, on a cold rainy day at the 38th kilometer, everything tells you to let go, and you still make it to the finish line – despite the pain and fatigue – you know that there is no task that you will not bring to a decent end. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. I run a blog on civil procedure, I am happy to provide comments to journalists, and I have given classes and workshops to pupils and students on several occasions. I’m on a Twitter – we can talk more informally there, not just about the law. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience: I write a blog a blog on civil procedure, I will gladly provide comments to journalists, and I have taught classes and workshops for students several times. You can also find me on Twitter. There, we can talk more casually –  not only about law. I will be happy to help you with your case. I want to talk!
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