• Łukasz Pałka


attorney-at-law, ph.d. in law, mediator

My name is Łukasz Palka I am an advocate, Ph.D. in law, mediator.

I do my job with both passion and calmness. I know my way around legal proceedings – after all, I have been doing it for more than a decade. I work with iron discipline and precise organization as I understand how vital the case you entrust me with is to you. Even winning a case doesn’t stop me from reflecting on what I could have done differently.

For each case, I apply an individual approach. At all times I take it very seriously and always keep it under control. Knowledge, dedication, and practice are what make up a successful case. In the courtroom, I appreciate passion and stoutness, but at the same time, I do not forget that hectic moves won’t replace substantive preparation. Coolness and composure allow me to notice small, seemingly insignificant details, which can affect the case’s outcome.

Bear in mind that in many situations an amicable settlement of dispute may be more beneficial than a trial. In some cases, mediation yields better results than a trial that can drag on for years. That is exactly why I decided to obtain a certification and became a mediator at the Circuit Court in Krakow.

I do not pretend to be someone I am not. To be yourself – this is the quality of an independent lawyer. And independence is a cornerstone of my profession.

Attorney-at-law, Ph.d. In Law, Mediator ŁUKASZ PAŁKA | Sabuda-Sawinski.pl