• Paulina Seweryn



Choosing a strategy of action, considering possible options, and tailoring a solution that will best secure the client’s interests are the very core of my job.

Finding a way out of a situation that at first appears hopeless gives me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction – drives me to keep working.

In my practice, I most frequently face family law. It is a field, in which it is necessary to find a balance between your vision of how to end the arisen dispute and the necessity to subsequently function in the reality shaped by the judgment.

A cold, free from emotions look at the situation – which I can offer you – will help you to meet your goals. Putting the case on a razor’s edge in many cases is the opposite of an optimal solution. Hence, any action taken will be tailored to your personal needs.

So if you have a problem, I invite you kindly. I will try to help you achieve the expected results and will assist you along the way. Please remember: the foundation of our cooperation is not only the trust you place in me but also the trust I put in you.

Attorney-at-law PAULINA SEWERYN | Sabuda-Sawinski.pl