• Andrzej Bałaga


attorney-at-law, mediator

Andrzej Bałaga. Advocate. Mediator.

When I was a teenager, I thought I would thrive on working in a quiet archive, researching historical source texts. My professional path turned out to be different only on the surface.

Receiving your case, I will patiently, and analytically analyze the documents, draft opinions, and present solutions so that the end result will be your best fit.

In the privacy of our office conference room, you are free to introduce me to your problem.  I am a persistent listener and an informed discussant. When, by the end of the meeting, you decide: “This is my lawyer,” that will be our mutual success.

I generally avoid courts. Mediation and negotiation are the solutions I will offer you in the first place. However, if your case requires putting on a toga, our firm offers court lawyers with whom you will feel perfectly confident.

My professional experience has shown that “No Exit” is nothing more than the title of a crappy movie. Come. Let’s talk. Let’s find the way out together.

I want to talk!

Attorney-at-law, Mediator ANDRZEJ BAŁAGA | Sabuda-Sawinski.pl