• Artur Lesner


attorney trainee

A good lawyer combines theory and practice, which is why I’ve already worked in a law firm during my studies – starting as an assistant. Currently, I am a legal adviser trainee and, on a daily basis, I draft contracts, terms, and conditions, provide legal services to companies, and represent clients in court proceedings.

In addition, I specialize in consumer protection and consumer bankruptcy. Indeed, law is complex- but I can talk about it in an understandable way. I have taught children and young people at all levels of education on many occasions. For me, your case will not be one of many others. I will analyze it carefully and propose the best solution.

After hours I am passionate about art and Italian culture, which helps me to be an open-minded person, able to see opportunities where no one else does.

You are welcomed to talk with me about your case.

Attorney Trainee ARTUR LESNER | Sabuda-Sawinski.pl