• Hubert Wojtoń


attorney trainee

I started my journey with the firm while still studying law at university. Originally, as an assistant. Theory alone has never been enough for me to become a good lawyer. Face-to-face contact, conversations in the waiting room, stories of successes and failures – all of it allowed me not only to test and develop my interpersonal skills, but above all to better understand the problems and expectations of our clients.

Those experiences have only convinced me that the contact with other people and their problems is what allows me to grow. Right now, I am during my legal training.  I draft contracts, regulations or legal opinions, but I enjoy dealing with civil cases, inheritance and enforcement proceedings the most.

I am also interested in administrative law.

I am keen to support senior colleagues in managing and resolving your cases.

Attorney Trainee HUBERT WOJTOŃ | Sabuda-Sawinski.pl