• Ewa Wójcik



My name is Ewa Wójcik. I study law at Jagiellonian University.

I will be the first person you meet when you visit or call us. I will do what it takes so that you get all the information you need and make your visit to the law firm as comfortable as possible.

Primarily I handle communication with courts and public offices. I work in the background and take care of things so that your Lawyer would not have to think about logistics and could focus exclusively on your case.

My favorite part of the job are face-to-face interactions with clients.

But my enthusiasm for cultivating interpersonal connections with others extends beyond the walls of the law firm. I am also active in the student community and participate in various forms of voluntary work. Since 2022 I have been involved in co-creating a project with the DKMS Foundation called the Helpers’ Generation at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. Also, I am currently a part of a tutoring project for elementary school students called “Academy of the Future” ran by Wiosna Association.

Although I consider my decision to study law to be right on the mark, there is one more passion that holds a special place in my heart: art.  It has been present in my life since childhood. Now it’s expressed primarily in my love for literature, paintings, and music. At the office’s countertop, I will also be happy to discuss new cinematic and theatrical releases.

Paralegal EWA WÓJCIK | Sabuda-Sawinski.pl